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It’s amazing how Sherlock’s beauty changes throughout the show. In s1 he’s otherworldly, he’s beautiful but it looks like he comes from an other planet. In s2 he looks much more masculine but still cold and unaccessible.  In s3 though. He laughs, he cries, he’s often frightened and panicked. A lot of people thought that he was never as beautiful as in HLV. That’s because he’s finally allowing himself to be human and in love and his heart is breaking and he has never been more beautiful. 

    For Jensen, what is your favourite Sam iteration and for Jared, what is your favourite Dean iteration? ()

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      Dean was too far away. He couldn’t have saved him. But Benny did. Cas would be dead if it weren’t for Benny. This flashback comes after the prompting of this question


      You saved the thing I love.

      You proved yourself to be trusted by protecting Cas for me.

      Because you wanted to leave him behind but when faced with the choice, you saved his life

      and for that I owned you one


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Favorite photos of Jensen and Misha 3/25 (x)


            Favorite photos of Jensen and Misha 3/25 (x)

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                  Bad thing about a writer's mind

                  Bad thing about a writer's mind

                  • 6am: Oh what a wonderful dream to wake up from. Now I'll give you five story ideas.
                  • 1am: You're tired? Well I'm sorry but I must keep these ideas coming until it's almost 4am and you're dozing off on your computer/notebook.
                  • Shower: I know how you can solve this plot hole.... with this scene.
                  • In a store: That person over there looks like OC... oh! This gives me an idea! Who cares if you have nothing to write it down with.
                  • At a party: Wow... here's a great way to word that scene you can't get down. Too bad in five minutes you won't remember much more than two sentences. From different paragraphs.
                  • Timed test: You know what would be great? Instead of this happening, this happens and I am so glad this brilliant idea makes you want to write and not focus on this geometry question!
                  • While writing at a decent time: Yeah, I got nothing.

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                    we talk about how Dean raised Sammy and is kind of like his father but I think we missed the fact that Sam has become Dean’s mother

                    He’s always on him to eat right and take better care of himself. He does the laundry and covers Dean up when he passes out on top of the covers

                    Look at mama Sammy trying to get his boy to be healthy

                    Signal boost! Yes, can we please talk about this more?

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                      hannibal: s1 & s2 
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                        bless this show

                        bless the fact that this is how cas and kevin first met

                        Bless the fact that cas called Kevin a hot potato

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                          Why did you never feel it? Pain?

                          You always feel it Sherlock. But you don’t have to fear it! Pain! Heartbreak. Loss. Death. It’s all good. So good.

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                            "Describe each other’s character’s in 5 words or less" x

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